Payment processing, Paylinks & Deposits

Payment processing of sibo is specifically designed for the hospitality industry. It provides a secure and convenient payment experience, all on the sibo platform.

Minimize risks and protect your cash flow with the help of a dedicated engine that constantly monitors and flags potential threats.

Ensure business continuity and prevent transaction failures with a seamless payment experience.

Get the assistance you need from payment experts who have a deep understanding of the hospitality industry.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all transactions are verified by a registered payment provider, with no additional hassle.

Detailed transaction history: Access detailed reports that provide the most accurate and up-to-date view of your transaction history.

Send paylinks / Deposit links directly through the system to easily collect and secure every transaction.

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  • Centralize ALL your operations in ONE place

  • Connect to dozens of booking platforms

  • Get your own fully branded and bookable website

  • Win more time and boost your rate of return

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