How does the sibo Online Check-In work?

How does the sibo Online Check-In work?

15 Jun 2023
Write by sibo team

Facilitate your guest's journey with the online check-in process, and receive all the relevant information in sibo prior to their arrival.

Video tutorial

Discover a video tutorial and the Step-by-Step procedure to understand how guests use the sibo Online Check-In

The Process

Streamline your guests' journey and elevate their experience with sibo's online check-in process. By utilizing sibo's automated and branded check-in form, effortlessly collect guest information prior to their arrival, allowing you to verify every detail and prepare their upcoming stay.

When it comes to sharing the Online Check-In (OCI) with your guests, sibo provides you with two convenient options:

  1. Automated Sharing through Journeys: With sibo, you can effortlessly include the OCI link in your guests' communication journeys. This means that guests will automatically receive the OCI link, ensuring a seamless and convenient check-in process. By incorporating it into your pre-arrival communications, you save time and make it easy for guests to complete their check-in at their own pace.
  2. Manual Sharing from the Bookings Page: sibo also offers the flexibility to manually send the OCI link from the reservation page. This gives you the control to personally share the link with your guests via email or by simply clicking on the link to copy it and pasting it into your preferred communication channel. This option allows for a more personalized approach, giving you the opportunity to provide additional instructions or address any specific guest requirements.

Whether you choose to automate the sharing process through journeys or manually send the OCI link, sibo ensures that your guests have a hassle-free experience, making their check-in process convenient and efficient.

Once the link has been forwarded and opened by the guest. Here are the different steps that he follows.

Step 1 - Confirmation of contact details

The guest needs to fill in their country prefix, phone number, and email address so that the host can contact them regarding their reservation and account information. A two-step verification process will confirm that the shared details are correct.

Step 2 - Confirmation of estimated time of arrival

The guest needs to select the date and time of their arrival and departure from the calendar provided to help the host prepare for their arrival.

Step 3 - Confirmation of the number of guests and upload copies of passports or ID cards

The guest needs to indicate the number of Adults, Infants (0-2 years), and Children (2-12 years) who will be staying with them.

If there are children, they must provide their ages.

Additionally, the guest needs to upload copies of their passport or ID card and those of all accompanying persons.

Step 4 - Agree to house rules

Guest must read and agreed the house rules. They need to check the checkbox indicating their agreement to proceed.

Step 5 - Complete the payment of any remaining balances on the booking total and the security deposit depending on their situation:

  • If the guest has already paid the full amount, they will see the details of their reservation and can continue with the process.
  • If there is an outstanding amount or a security deposit to be paid or collected, the guest needs to provide their credit card information before proceeding.

Step 6 - Finish!

In this final section, the guest will see a message indicating that their identifications are awaiting host approval. They can also select their preferred platform, either WhatsApp, Email, etc… for receiving messages regarding their stay.

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How does the sibo Online Check-In work?

Facilitate your guest's journey with the online check-in process, and receive all the relevant information in sibo prior to their arrival.

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